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June 10, 2009


George Pal

C’mon now. Sasha and Malia probably made that (middle thingy) for her.

Account Deleted

She wore the kitchen curtains to Westminster Abbey?

Mrs. Peperium

First, AMY! Welcome! Second, my apologies. You posted at IE about your husband being the first plane into NYC after 9/11 plus about the funeral/mermorial service for his colleagues that were lost and I was so taken with it I never commented back to you.

Words failed in reading it. Thank you.

OK, now time for fun, when I saw our First Lady - yes kitchen curtains did come to mind. But would a Princeton girl wear curtains? No.

Her look is much more Cleaning Lady Chic....

But then I recalled a roommate back from my Boston days who had almost the same exact outfit. This was back in '88. And this roommate was a Smithie and had recently returned from teaching at a private school in Switzerland (diplomat kids for the most part). She took the shuttle up to NYC for a night on the town with some other Smithies - the one she was staying with had just landed a new boyfriend - remember this as that is key...well they went out to all the latest dance clubs and like Smithie girls do, drank the night away.

Her last memory was being at some club.

Her next memory was waking up on the floor of the laundry room of a Manhattan high-rise wearing only a t-shirt and underwear....


Oops, the phone must run and will be back to finish.

Mrs. Peperium

Ok, back now....

So my roommate found herself completely hungover in a strange laundry room in Manhattan wearing only a t-shirt and underwear at about 6am on a Sunday morning.....

She found her way to the elevator and from there found her way to the lobby/foyer to look at the names listed on the doorbells/maiboxes to see if any rung a bell.

Nope. None did. So she had no idea how she had gotten there. And where were her clothes?

She did all she could do - she rang the Super's bell. He let her in to his apartment. He was of Puerto Rican descent as was his wife. She explained her plight to the two of them while their small children ran around the room-can you guess the wife's wise Latina reaction?

She went into her closet and gave my roommate her worst items of clothing and my roommate put them on. Then her husband let her call another Smithie who lived in NJ for help. Then he lent her money for the train to NJ. By the time my roommate reached NJ dressed like Michelle Obama visiting Westminster Abbey, the other Smithie had called this Smithie in NJ frantically saying she had "lost __________"

Remember I said that Smithie had a new boyfriend? Well he was. And that was the very night she decided to let him be a boyfriend with benefits as all the young(straight) Smithies say these days. Never mind she had my (completely out of her mind drunk) Smithie roommate in tow. That wasn't going to stop her plans. She just brought my roommate along to his apartment (he didn't care) and parked her on to his sofa - after removing her clothes and covering her with a blanket to make her comfortable. Totally forgetting my roommate was the type who walked in her sleep. My roommate somehow walked out of the apartment and walked herself onto the elevator and pressed B for basement and that was how she ended up waking up in the laundry room of a Manhattan high-rise in her t-shirt and underwear with absolutely no clue as to how she gotten there.

She had to fly home to Boston still wearing the Super's wife's Michelle Obama outfit -except she had much better shoes than Michelle's- hot pink high heels.

I called it the Rose in Spanish Harlem look.....

My other roommate and I were, for a lack of better words, completely aghast when our roommate walked into the apartment all gotten up like Michelle Obama. Then when she told us how she had ended up dressing like Michelle Obama, we hinted (delicately) maybe it was time for AA.

Considering this outfit and Michelle's fondness for pitchers of martinis on date nights her marvelous stud of a man, a delicate hint of attending AA might be in order for her as well.


Do Smithies actually have boyfriends? Or is that some kind of code?

Old Dominion Tory

The First Lady's sense of style seems to have deserted her. Or is it that her array of stylists deserted her?

George Pal

Now that I've had a closer look I can see what's missing - the crowning touch. There should be one more row with alternating unicorn and rainbow appliqués.


George--LOL. I was going to add my own comment, but I think yours suffices.

Mrs. Irish Elk

Did you see this outfit?


Mrs. Elk

Mrs. Peperium


Guess what? In Dems De Breaks I compared the Dems to Barbie. Well guess what I've learned?

Jason Wu is First Lady Obama's favorite designer. He designed that white dress she wore on Inaugural Night. Guess how he got his start (in High school) in the fashion world?

By designing clothes for Barbie.

My batting record just improved another point or two.


This is just wrong:


Pantsuits are fine, but the woman of fine taste knows the cut *must* fall below the derrière. Otherwise, it's just an excuse to show the world what kind of underthings you're wearing (or not wearing)...


what woman hasn't had a fashion hiccup. every single pic taken of either MO or SP will be great.

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