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June 04, 2009



Liturgical dancer? Hee-hee. Now I get to make fun of YOUR denomination.

Mr. Peperium

Not before I do.

The thing about being Catholic, of course, is that you can rely on the fact that, whatever trendy ephemeral frivolousness is taking place between the pews or at the altar, it will eventually go away, leaving the Truth intact.

In other denominations--and no, I'm not speaking of yours because I don't want to start a fight here...also because I'm not quite sure what your denomination is--the frivolousness becomes the new truth.


This would never happen in my local watering holes.

Mrs. Peperium

We could always try to make it happen...


Make what happen, Mrs. P?

Also: I'm not sure what my denomination is either. I'm a lost sheep, and if anyone comes near me with a crook, I run.

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