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June 26, 2009



Hmmmm.....500-600 miles?

A quick check on the map indicates that could get you as far as Memphis.

I've never heard tell that the Peperii were particularly fond of either BBQ or Elvis.


You know, that areas approximately 500-600 miles SSW of your present location are not all that far from my present location. I think a Catholic get together is in order.


Move to Cincinnati! P&G is just about the biggest advertiser out there, and we have some lovely clubs. I'll introduce you to all the right people. Oh and there tons of Romans Catholics about, it's practically the papal states.

I'll also pick out a house for you. I'm thinking in Glendale.

Father M.

Mrs. P,
Correct on all three counts. Carla Bruni was advocating condom usage and she seems intimately familiar with the topic.

Oh, and on another matter, Mrs. P., I am glad you can't see the guinea pigs roasted with little potatoes in their mouths. Other than that and the fact that camelids are also served, the food is pretty good.

Adam M. B. Bond

Mrs. P,

He may be gay, she may be insane, and Carla Bruni may be a slut... but damn she's hot. That is all.

Being moderately immature,
Adam M. B. Bond


With all the patient of dare,
the heart of Russia was waiting for the person of good english skill,
if we vote once - originally we vote for Windsor residents, taste of humor but not for Monty Python.
Still wait for next Kennedy generation.

Looking back for details,
from Moscow

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