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September 19, 2009



Rag-tag hordes taken to pillaging and plundering hardly sounds like an argument for said group's *superiority*, my dear FLG...

Fear and Loathing in Georgetown


Ah, but think what they would've accomplished if they weren't rag-tag and drunk...then again the same could be said for the Irish.

Mrs. Peperium


Mrs. Peperium

Why is there a picture when I post on my own blog? Help....

Mrs. Peperium

Oh this is bad. Really bad. The picture only shows up when I post but you can't see it. I'm not drinking. This is true. It's a peach coloured abstract thingummy like the sort of thingummys Robbo has at his blog for no charge. They updated Typepad as you can see by the changes to Patum Peperium and I cannot undo what they've done....and now there's a picture...ARGHHHHHH

Hey FLG, I can talk like a pirate. Must be because I was once a Protestant eh? I actually know someone who is descended from famous Scottish Caribbean pirates and her Scottish family still lives on the island on the pirate land. Now how many folks can claim that about their ancestors?


I got the modern art thingamigingy when I posted too. But it seemed to move to the most recent comment. It happened to me on the "Woman at a Disadvantage" thread too, so I don't think its pirate-related.
FLG, I doubt pirates ever said "sweet cheeks," but I suppose anything is possible in a moment of passion.

Mrs. Peperium


I was setting FLG's post up for publication when I realized it lacked a headline. Mr. P happened to walk in the room at that precise moment. Realizing that he has spent most of his adult life writing headlines, I asked him to say something in Pirate.


"Say something Pirate-y. You know."

"No, I don't."

"Like something you'd say to me after the kids are asleep and the burgundy has been properly chambred."

"Prepare to be boarded, sweet cheeks."

"That's a perfect headline for FLG's post. Thanks."

"What headline? I was sketching out plans for this evening. Matey."

George Pal

“this is viewed by many as the manifestation of the supreme righteousness of the Protestant cause manifested”

Ahhh! The supreme righteousness of “that’s where the gold be”?

Furthermore, Catholics, made of sterner stuff and steeped in the catechism of the “luxurious body” would make the pirate’s way way jollier by not forgetting that nothing goes better with a noggin’ of rum than a wench on the lap. Or do Protestants first ask their wives’ permission?


" The supreme righteousness of 'that’s where the gold be'?"

Particularly apt when one considers the "reform" under Hank VIII!

Old Dominion Tory

Of course, if you went back to the first pirates of the Caribbean, then speaking like a pirate would demand speaking French.

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