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September 18, 2009


A. S. Haley

Glad to have you back, Mrs. P! I hope you had a wonderful summer, and now I look forward to your brightening the curmudgeonly morn with your posts.

Keith Töpfer

And, yet, some of our fellows wonder why our fearless leaders sometimes seem so out of touch with the lives of those of us who are ordinary citizens of this nation.

Pax et bonum,
Keith Töpfer


One is put in mind of the soon-to-be interim senator from Massachusetts:

'Barak Obama asks a crowd in Iowa if they have noticed the price of arugula at Whole Foods? Problem No. 1: There is no Whole Foods store in all of Iowa. Problem No. 2: I suspect that when most folks in Iowa go to the grocery store, they just buy lettuce.

'This disconnect reminds me of Governor Michael Dukakis who famously told Iowa farmers to grow Belgian endive. That lead to this spoof on SNL. The skit was a Democratic debate moderated by Pat Schroeder (played by Nora Dunn). Dukakis, you may recall, was played brilliantly by Jon Lovitz:

Pat Schroeder: Well.. [ starts to cry, but then breaks out into hysterical laughter ] Okay! Alright.. Now.. Governor Dukakis, your critics are doubting your ability to translate the Massachusetts Miracle to the rest of the nation. When you first came to Iowa, you suggested that the farmers try growing a different crop.. and you cited as your example, Belgian endive. Do you still feel that Belgian endive still is the answer to Iowa's economy?

Michael Dukakis: Pat, each of us here tonight is asking for America's leadership and trust, allowing us to lead the country. And I don't think you can lead without a vision.. and I have a vision for America. I see purple mountains of raddichio; I see verdant valleys of arugula; I see escarole from sea to shining.. [ timer sounds ] ..sea. I know I'm running out of time, so let me conclude that with direction, purpose, a little oil and vinegar, and maybe some feta cheese, there is nothing we cannot do. Thank you.'

~ http://sharkandshepherd.blogspot.com/2007/08/obama-let-them-eat-california-roll.html


Reminds me of the time Mrs. Obama walked into a burger joint with her Secret Servicemen and had them confiscate all cellphones so she could eat her burger sans snapshots.




"Cowbells were rung."

I thought the cowbells had become a symbol of derision, a la the SNL "More Cowbell!" skit.

Who holds the cowbell high ground?

"Ask not for whom the bell moos. It moos for thee."


Arugula can be grown quickly and easily in pots and small beds. Arugula comes up in three days - that's why it's also called 'Rocket'

Her First Ladyness and her able staff could very easily grow cherry tomatoes, arugula, chives and other necessary comestibles on the ample premises.


What all you mean right wing types are missing is the First Lady's suffering through this entire kale hunt. I am sure that she is keenly aware of the gargantuan corbon footprint of this one block procession of vans, and she is doing her best not to break into tears at the rise of the sea levels triggered thereby. She is doing her part to help Americans learn better eating habits--you just don't understand.


You fanatics have me so upset I have even forgotten how to spell carbon. But I don't really blame you--I blame Bush.


Crackie--you mean break into tears the way Pelosi did over townhall violence?


Aww, poor Nan!

Mrs. Peperium

To all of you, a big heh.

A. S. Haley, many thanks. I tried to post a thank you at your blog but lack the intelligence. That's great about All Saints Pawley's Island. I've followed that case since the days before it was a case - I'm a former D.O.K and there was a D.O.K. member there who tried valiantly to pull the D.O.K. out of the Commies -yes Commies- control. Also (Bishop) Thad Barnum is a (family) friend...

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