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October 28, 2009



Love the post Mrs. P. I'm stunned by Rep. Stupak's principled position. I might just move to northern Michigan so I can vote for him.

Anyone want to buy a nice house?

(thanks for the h/t, too)

George Pal

Cardinal Roger Mahony told CNSNews.com that the issue of abortion funding in the health care bill is “way beyond my field”.

When asked whether he believed abortion should be funded under the bill, Cardinal Mahony said: "No, but that's what the president said, too, so."

Patrick Kennedy will apologize about the time Cardinal Mahony gets his brain from the Wizard of Oz.

Mrs. Peperium

Dewey, it's refreshing, isn't it? Yes. Move. Now.

George, instead of saying "that's way beyond my field" why didn't the Cardinal answer "That question is above my pay grade."?

Maybe you would know the answer to this, is Cardinal Mahoney a Commie?

George Pal

Mrs. P,

No. No Commie. Just another useful idiot and useless cleric.

Mrs. Peperium

Thanks George. Your use of useful idiots and useless cleric inspired the end of The Lady Killer....

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