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January 16, 2010



ODT, You are certainly correct that the system in the Bay State, as in other one party realms, yeilds many many time serveres for every person with spunk. And you are obviously not saying that such a system cannot yield a person with real talent--President Obama came out of a similar, although somewhat more competitive, environment.
However, Tuesday's margin will tell the tale--a Coakley victory or a narrow Brown victory will have much to do with her shortcomings. But some polls suggest a strong victory for the Republican is possible--in that case there would more clearly be a repudiation of the political powers that be in both Boston and DC. Tuesday night might just be interesting.
(In terms of what will occur, I notice that Caokley has dropped about 15 points on Intrade in the last 24 hours, so people betting on this are now seeing a 55% probablity of a Republican win.)

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