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January 15, 2010


Old Dominion Tory

If one of her ads that I heard moments ago against her opponent "Republican Scott Brown" (as she puts it) are any indication, she is indeed an honest liberal. Backed by the usual ominous music, the ad asserted that Brown is "against a woman's right to choose" and "is backed by anti-choice groups."

Old Dominion Tory

The bells have begun to toll for the Coakley campaign. Byron York reports this morning that some Democratic insiders now are comparing Martha Coakley to Creigh Deeds, a very nice fellow who ran a singularly lackluster campaign as the Democratic gubenatorial candidate in Virginia this past November.


So which White House Braniac decided that The One should jet in this weekend just so he can get beans all over his face when she crashes and burns?

Old Dominion Tory

He's showing up because, unlike in Virginia, he still has solid approval numbers in Massachusetts (something like 60%). With the race too close to call, his appearance might just motivate enough people to get to the polls on Tuesday. Basically, the Democrats need to close the enthusiasm gap, and Obama holds out the best hope of doing so.
Bill Clinton probably would ask if he could meet Scott Brown's daughters and just mess up the entire weekend.
Of course, Obama does run the risk of prompting too many people to think, "He reminds me a lot--too much!--of that jackass Deval Patrick."


Mrs. P:

"..."I have a sister who lives overseas, and she's been in England and now lives in the Middle East.""

Are you sure about that quote? I thought it was Tina Fey.


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