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January 07, 2010



The Death of a Princess -- with a happy ending!

I am going to start searching YouTube to see if anyone saved a copy of your offensive ad.


That sounds like a great ad!

Old Dominion Tory

Only the professionally offended would take offense to such an ad. After reading about how your employer reacted, it undoubtedly was for the best that you parted company with them. Your head would have offered up at another time in the future, an act accompanied with mutterings about "Those Americans."

Andrew Cusack

"If it had been merely a Code Yellow alert, it would have been sent by steam packet via the Cape of Good Hope."

Since I am perhaps the online reader of this blog who has actually sent items by steam packet via the Cape of Good Hope, I can only recommend against it.

Some thieving numbskull in the South African Post Office misplaced half my books, including my Afrikaans edition of Hergé's King Ottokar's Sceptre and the biography of Hansel Pless given to me by Father Rupert of the Oratory.


Like your style. You’re on the right track. Check out BigJournalism, they’re ripe for new tags. I usually comment at JW, M&S and other fav Canuck sites, and found yours by way of BCF. Don’t have much time available on the ‘ole internet due to training, but I thought a quick missive of support wouldn’t hurt. Keep it up. Try to offend at least one leftist per day.


prego ragazi, father N. insist ira-n
sarà distrutto in caso di pericolo - prendersi cura di se stessi, contare le stelle. Bianca.

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