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February 26, 2010



I'm sorry, but he should have been whale oil after the first incident; all three of them should have been. It never ceases to amaze me how we can put such a high value on animals - yet happily yap about the "right" to terminate human life in the womb.


Hopefully the trainer's family will end up owning Sea World, and they can then put an end to this madness.

Mrs. Peperium

Diane, babies in the womb aren't people. They are merely unviable tissue masses. And it's a woman's right to have them partially born and scissors stuck in the back of their skull and their brains sucked out until the skull collapses if that unviable tissue mass interferes with what the woman thinks she's supposed to get out of life. We are speaking of animals that are not depressed and almost as intelligent as dolphins and pigs.

Wouldn't you say a Down Syndrome child is more intelligent than a dolphin or pig? People with Down's can read, write, hold down jobs, live independently and participate in the Special Olympics. Name one pig, dolphin or serial killer whale that can do that?

Can you imagine the human cry of liberals if someone tried to stick a pair of scissors into the back of the head of a 3 times now serial killer whale at SeaWorld?

Crackie, no such luck...

"Brancheau's [The dead trainer] older sister, Diane Gross, said the trainer would not have wanted anything done to the whale. "She loved the whales like her children. She loved all of them," said Gross, of Schererville, Ind. "They all had personalities, good days and bad days."

Mrs. Peperium


Marion Loverde, the mother of SeaWorld whale trainer Dawn Brancheau, exclusively told RadarOnline.com on Thursday that her daughter would not want Tilikum the killer whale to be “put down”.

The 40-year old trainer -- whose dream was to work at SeaWorld’s Shamu Stadium - died when 12,000 lbs Tilikium pulled her into the orca’s tank on Wednesday afternoon, drowning her as horrified visitors looked on.

Meanwhile, RadarOnline.com has obtained video of Brancheau performing with Tilikium back in 2008 at SeaWorld.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Whale Advocate Blames Sea World For Trainer's Death

Speaking from her home in Schererville, Indiana, Loverde exclusively told Radar Online.com: “We are absolutely devastated but it was a tragic accident – my daughter died doing what she loved working with whales.

Witness: Whale Emerged From Water With Trainer In Its Mouth

“They play safe at SeaWorld and it will be up to the other trainer’s discretion if the whale is retired from performing or what they want to do with it in the future.

“My daughter would not have wanted the whale to have been put-down – she was very happy working with her whales and was a wonderful person.

“My family are all still in a state of shock, and her husband is absolutely devastated. They lived for one another, Dawn’s death is a tragic loss.”

Mrs. P

Crackie, this story gets better and better as the real details emerge -read carefully to see how it was written to favor the whale -oh this is a CBS news report:

"Officials say trainers had to coax an aggressive whale into a smaller pool and use a platform to lift it out of the water *before they could free a colleague from its jaws*. [That should read: before they could free a DEAD colleague. In front of an audience full of women and children. Nice. ]

The Orange County Medical Examiner says 40-year-old trainer Dawn Brancheau *probably* died from *multiple traumatic injuries* and *drowning* after the killer whale Tilikum pulled her into a pool at SeaWorld Orlando on Wednesday. [they just said they had to pry her from his jaws - I'm guessing that left several hundred bitemarks]

The county sheriff's office says co-workers couldn't immediately help her because the whale was so aggressive after it grabbed her by her ponytail and pulled her in.

The office says an investigation is continuing but there are *no signs of foul play* and all evidence indicates it was a *tragic accident*. [she gets yanked into the pool by her pony tail and SeaWorld had to pry open the whale's jaws after he killed her but there's no evidence of foul play, rather a tragic accident]

The new details became public as federal documents are providing more details about how the whale got to the U.S. Documents show SeaWorld asked federal marine officials for permission to temporarily house Tilikum in Orlando after killing a trainer in 1991 *because the whale needed medical care he couldn't get in Canada*. [obviously whales too have inadequate socialist medicine in Canada and need to come to Florida for good medicine just like that Canadian politician did]

That trainer died *after she lost her balance and fell in the pool* at a park near Victoria, British Columbia. [Just a fall into a pool caused her to die? Not that she fell into the pool with a psycho killer whale?]

National Marine Fisheries Service official Nancy Foster said in a letter then that neither the Canadian park nor SeaWorld took precautionary steps necessary for Tilikum's health and welfare. [She's right. They should have ended his health and welfare years ago with a bullet to the brain and stopped using him as money making tool.]

In yesterday's incident, the whale apparently grabbed Brancheau by her long ponytail, according to SeaWorld's head trainer Chuck Tompkins. Tompkins told ABC's "Good Morning America" that her ponytail swung out in front of the whale.[Ah, the old ponytail defense. I wonder if her ponytail was the same color as a Twinkie. If it was, well then, the whale was perfectly justified.]

"That's when the trainer next to him (Tilikum) said that he grabbed the hair, pulled her under water. And of course, held her under water," Tompkins said. [yeah, it was the holding under the water clamped in his jaws that did the trick]

Horrified visitors who had stuck around after a noontime show watched Tilikum charge through the pool with Brancheau in his jaws. [SeaWorld has 2 PR options with this. 1. You saw nothing - that option isn't working so SeaWorld need to move onto Option 2. 2.Quit your crying horrified visitors. You got your money's worth. You know you came here to see a killer whale show and you got a whale of a one.]

"We like to think we know 99.9 percent of the time what an animal is doing," he told The Associated Press on Thursday. "But this is one of those times we just don't know." [That's nice you like to think that but it doesn't mean it's true.]

Tompkins told the Orlando Sentinel that he expects SeaWorld to keep the orca. If Tilikum were released into the wild, Tompkins doubted the whale would survive. "I think it's unfair to do that to an animal," Tompkins told the newspaper. [It was more unfair of Tilikum to kill 3 people]

Tompkins said the whale won't be isolated from other killer whales at the Orlando park. Tompkins said Thursday that the whale plays an important role in the social group of eight whales who live at Shamu Stadium. He's the father of some whales and will continue to mate with other females. [Well a serial killer would have serious pool creds among Killer Whales.]

There's more but sorry, I can only participate in insanity for so long.


My considered opinion is that Shamu* should be summarily shot and given to Russian whalers who will do the normal honors in front of his other Shamu* brethren as an example. But perhaps that is just I.


One of my most embarrassing stories also involves a large fish. Or aquatic mammal. I'm not one for details. We were on our honeymoon in the Netherland Antilles, and we went to one of those touristy, but expensive and rather fun "swim with the dolphins" place. So anyway, we were out swimming with the dolphins, and my dolphin was particularly friendly. "Put your hand up, they will kiss it" the instructor cried. We all put our hands up. Kisses all around. "Rub their bellies, they love it!!!" he shouted. Belly rubbing ensued. And as I was rubbing the expansive belly of my beast, I felt my hand slip. In. "Ewwww!" I cried. "My hand went into something!!!" Laughs all around from the instructor. "You have a girl dolphin," he explained. Which just goes to show you never know what you might get in the sex department when you are on your honeymoon.


Mrs. P, I still wonder whether thr family will sue Sea World. It is one thing for family members to say the killer whale should not be killed. Very different to say that, as Dawn Brancheau's employer, Sea World acted reasonably in creating a safe work environment.


Since this particular orca had only two prior homicides, maybe Sea World is in the clear after all. They could explain they were simply going with the traditional "three strikes and you're out" rule.

Father M.

Of course, they could simply rename the Orca, "Ted Kennedy" and then elect it to the senate.

Mrs. P

FAAA_THHER, you made me spit up my coffee.

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