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March 02, 2010



'Where some women are a tall, cool drink of water, this woman was a short mug of moonshine, capable of blinding you for life.'

The line of the day.

Dewey From Detroit

Team Dewey loves Triple D. We sometimes even watch it while eating dinner. Please don't report us, we generally play the soundtrack of our lives but occasionally....

Anyway, I made a dish similar to this from a recipe I found in the Detroit Free Press back before the big strike, when they still had a decent food section (I think Jeremy Iggers was still there).It was called something like "cabbage stroganoff". Same ingredients, but you throw some sour cream on that som'abitch before serving. It won't get you points with the nutritionists, but its definitely GOOD EATS.

Mrs. P

Team Dewey, it's a shame we didn't we didn't know each other existed before we left Michigan. I bet we would've had some great dinner parties.

(You can never win points with nutritionists as they have no clue how to have fun.)

Emily Hale

This looks really wonderful--I'm eager to try it. I've had something similar in Slovakia--they call it Halushki. It is made with potato dumplings instead of egg noodles.

Mrs. Peperium

Emily, you have opened a can of cabagge by tossing in that h to haluski I googled it up and it seems just about every Eastern European country makes its own version of Haluski/Halushki where they just toss things in according to how grandma made it.

Alright, the potato + dumpling mystery has been solved. Basically, they are gnocchi or spaetzle - or a potato noodle. So either it's egg noodles, or potato noodles - your choice. Sour cream depends if your grandmother tossed it in. And then meatless with keilbasa on the side or bacon cooked in it.

In other words, it's Britain's dish- Bubble and Squeak. Except there are no carrots or beef but if you threw them in, I don't think anyone would complain too much.

Or it's Ireland's great dish, colcannon sans cheddar cheese and corned beef.

Then there are peroigi. Once you've mastered Haluski and Halshki - move on to Pear Roh Ghee...

By the by, I loved that little post you did on Roger Scruton ages ago. *sigh*

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