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April 06, 2010


George Pal

Father Pfleger went native long ago and it is to the Church’s great credit that they never thought him missionary material. Imagine, had he been sent to West Papua amongst the cannibal Asmat, he’d be, that first evening, dining on Dani.


"To associate St. Katherine Drexel with Father Pfleger is worse than witnessing a cat empty the contents of its intestinal tract on your husband."

Well, that is the line of the day.

Magnificent story, though I am surprised Mr P didn't fling the cats into the sea after his field coat.

I once had a cat who reacted in the same incontinent way to traveling in a carrying case in the car. Since the cat was covered in ordure when I removed her from the case I thought the best thing to do would be to hold her under the faucet of the kitchen sink. Not the best thing to do with a filth-covered cat.

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