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May 21, 2010



Funny, I was just chatting with the Mothe, who was bemoaning the fact that her book club was making her read Virginia Woolf. Her planned payback is to make them read Dreiser.


Elena will be appointed to the S.C and meet the love of her life, Sonia.

Mrs. Peperium

George, I'll be perfectly honest with you - I don't get lesbians but I totally agree with what you say. I will only add, some how, some way, Hillary Clinton will be in there as well. And for the life of me--- I question why the hell the men tolerate it.


My dear Mrs. P- Not to be contrarian, but show me the man who would protest the loss of THAT particular trio to the other team.

Nursing tank

Hmm that phot..nice dress..was that a wedding gown!!You look so beautiful!

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