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May 07, 2010


Old Dominion Tory

My favorite of the lines that James Bond utters to Tiffany Case is, "That's a cute little nothing you're almost wearing."


Presumably the reference is to Louis Fleeming Jenkin, the British ace who died in combat on September 11, 1917. His Military Cross citation noted that "he has continually shown the greatest dash and determination in attacking enemy aircraft in superior numbers."

Mrs. Peperium

La! The fat finger strikes again. Yesterday Wall Street. Today PP.

The kids and I just returned from a horse barn where we saw a 2 week old Clydesdale. What a lovely little guy. The electric fence - not so lovely.


Well, stay away from electric fences for Mother's day--and have a great one.

Andrew Cusack

RK tried to get me to read Austen. I gave up after twenty-four pages.

Mrs. Peperium

Crackie, I got diamonds for mother's Day. Diamonds in the form of Diamondbacks. After Church I asked Mr. P to humor me by taking the long way home from Church - about 35 miles through country that resembles Cary Grant in North by Northwest fleeing the crop duster. I was looking for birds and spotted a pond with ducklings in it. I love ducklings and so Mr. P turned the Jeep around without ending us up in a uhm...what do they call them here?...a trench next to a field for drainage is what it is...anyhoo he took us to the pond and we were all in our Sunday finest down to stocking and heels - me, not Mr. P - and the next thing you know the 4 of us are trekking through the weeds and the first thing to assault us were the grandparents of the ducklings so Mr. P took to yelling at them in French - all you have to do to scare off ducks is sound like a French chef - it works every time - and then the next assault came from diamondback water snakes about 3 feet in length - 3 of them.

Have you ever seen water snakes tooling along in their home waters and then they noticed there are strangers in their midst? Not fun.

It's amazing any ducklings reach maturity in these parts. Because after them came Mr. Snapping Turtle. A most inhospitable pond if you ask me....

Mrs. Peperium

Cusack, I know all about the sense and sensibility Roger tried to pound into your head.

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