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June 02, 2010



You'll shed twenty pounds in no time if you keep reading this nauseating stuff. Unless you turn to food for comfort in your times of sorrow and distress.

Pat Hascall

David Warren is to be admired and read for his high ideals and clarity of thought.

Pat Hascall

. . . ah, Mapp & Lucia. Those Benson novels are always a wonderful escape. Thanks for mentioning them.

Dewey From Detroit

Thanks for the David Warren piece. We have a friend who, back in the early 70's, adamantly and repeatedly insisted that a revolution was coming. Now he tells us he was right all along: the baby boomers are going to foment revolution.

I just hate a smarty pants like that. Besides, he never once mentioned anything about Medicare precipitating it.

Great post.

PS if you really want to lose 20 lbs, all you have to do is sit in the desert for a few hours. Exercise is optional. I can't say I'd recommend it thought, seeing what it's done to old Harry and all.

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