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July 14, 2010



I thought I read somewhere recently that Chuck wishes to change the Royal title from "Defender of the Faith" to "Defender of Faith".

Would this make him the first Unitarian Monarch?

Mrs. Peperium

Unitarian would be more preferable to other options...:

"In a 1997 Middle East Quarterly article titled "Prince Charles of Arabia," Ronni L. Gordon and David M. Stillman looked at evidence that Britain's Prince Charles might be a secret convert to Islam. They shifted through his public statements (defending Islamic law, praising the status of Muslim women, seeing in Islam a solution for Britain's ailments) and actions (setting up a panel of twelve "wise men" to advise him on Islamic religion and culture), then concluded that, "should Charles persist in his admiration of Islam and defamation of his own culture," his accession to the throne will indeed usher in a "different kind of monarchy."..."

Rest here:



And then there is his son, following in Daddy's footsteps, with his own shack-up consort. I suppose looking back to the beginnings of Anglicanism, the future heads of the church should not be expected to do otherwise.

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