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September 23, 2010


George Pal

Mr. Sowell’s proverbial road paved with good intentions was less a problem than was the vehicle to hell. Hand over the keys to those, white, black, and in between, for whom fundamentally transforming America is a joy ride and you get carnage. Unfortunately for Detroit and DC, carnage is not to be mistaken for having hit rock bottom.

big spaniel

Fenty's problem was that he was an arrogant little guy who was only doing things with his friends. And the development gravy train of the last 25 years stalled with the recession. (I have particular hatred because reneged on promise to build a soccer stadium for DC United that was connected to a real estate development in Anacostia, of all places; it was close to being a done deal, but he reopened it for proposals at the exact moment the real estate market was collapsing. Instead of getting a project in an undeveloped part of town done, the site is still vacant and is likely to be for some time. Granted, he won by bashing the $600mil + baseball stadium but an actually real estate project was done, and he turned his back on it.

Of course, we don't expect much of Gray either, because he's coming from was is essentially a corrupt, money-driven political culture. This is why DC Schools will return to the toilet because he'll take the pressure off of the schools.

I had a friend who bought something near Capitol Hill. They loved living there. But when they came back from overseas with two school-aged children, it was off to the suburbs they went because of the school.

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