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September 02, 2010


George Pal

I don’t know. Watching the video, I got the distinct impression that Mr. Matthews sees the teleprompter as a threat to his ‘quake and jingle’ in the ‘long and limber’. As modern relationships go, Matthews might consider an alienation of affections action.


An excellect collection Mrs. P. Although there are enough wheevils out there to eat their way through our entire pantry.

The Chrissy clip is, shall we say, ironic.


As Christopher Buckley says, "It would be pointless, to say nothing of downright idiotic, to make predictions four years out." But I will let caution be taken by the remnants of Earl, and predict that Chris Buckley will, in the next four years, write nothing insightful about Gov. Palin. It was interesting, two years later, to read Buckley mocking Alaska voters for their support of Sen. Ted Stevens, who, after all, was "convicted on multiple felony counts". With the convictions thrown out and the prosecutors looking as if they belong behind bars, the 49% of Alaska voters who went for Stevens are looking smarter than Chris Buckley. No high compliment, that.

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