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October 19, 2010


Fear and Loathing in Georgetown

"When you self-identify as a Catholic, especially these days, even atheists who've you've allowed to bed you, still can be old-fashioned or absurd enough to expect you to behave like a Catholic."

By this I take it you mean going bareback?

Mrs. Peperium

It's like lies. Two sins doesn't make it right. But actually I was speaking more to her (according to Seavey and he's not unbiased here) lack of "iceberg of traditional morality".

That's a hell of a phrase, isn't it?

Fear and Loathing in Georgetown

Personally, I like her and think Todd is a bit disturbed. So, I'd take his phrases with a grain of salt.

Mrs. Peperium

Well honestly, I agree with you completely.

She's paid a (too) high price for dating him.

Fear and Loathing in Georgetown

Mrs. Self-Important informs me that he has password protected his blog.

Mrs. Peperium

Like that will do anything at this point.


Todd acted exactly like one would expect an atheist, Libertarian to act, which is to say, without reference to an objective standard of behavior (or anything).

Helen, like so many of the idolatrous Right, is a "religious" hypocrite.

They are both (if you'll excuse me) assholes.

Mrs. Peperium

I do excuse you Mr. WAC. I agree completely with your assessment of Seavey. Helen...not really.. but can see how you see it this way.

Helen is young and very bright -she graduated from Yale in what? 2008? And she's getting her first tastes of success as well as now the failures that come from it. Religious or not, dating a man 20 years your senior isn't really ever a good idea. Unless he's a widower, there's usually a good reason he's still on the open market. In this case the reasons were probably all outlined in Dawn Eden's book....in his own words to boot.

The Ancient

So, Todd Seavey wrote for The Justice League, just as Patricia Highsmith wrote for Batman.

It's all coming together for me.

Mrs. Peperium

That is the most cogent critique of the affair in the entire blogosphere.

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