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January 07, 2011


Mario Mandingo

First, excommunicate Andrew (evil eyes) Cuomo - and his father too.

The Roman Catholic church around the country needs to man-up and not give the pro abort politicians Holy Communion. Will that ever happen in an atmosphere where one goes to mass and is still bombarded by silly guitar folk masses and politically correct center left words from the priest?


Those so called "conservative" Afro American churches we are always hearing about, well, they need to break the chains of the Democratic party plantation (the party of slavery) and tell their alleged "social conservative" congregations that abortion is the main sacrament of the DNC and that abortion is primarily targeted towards inner city blacks, with a certain Barrck H Obama as being THE biggest pro abort president ever.

A plethora of abortion clinics in inner city neighborhoods where these black supposedly conservative churches are found are still everywhere, and we are talking about abortion, like in eugenics and genocide, all done by design starting with M. Sanger and her motley ilk of society patrons to today's pro choice Catholic (in name only) politicians.

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