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February 11, 2011



FLG, You certainly read the minds of non-heretical PP readers, and we thank you. I actually remember reading in a Malcom Muggeridge memoir (could not tell you which one) about an Anglican church with direct line telephones in the confessionals--so the priest did not have to wait around in a little booth but could just do the confession by phone.
Somewhat related question--as a language-expert-in-residence, are we now to call those old phones "dumb phones"? (Cf. "snail mail")

George Pal

No more having a confessor on retainer and on call.

The Ancient


Atheism is not in your long-term interest.

(Just saying.)

Fear and Loathing in Georgetown

The Ancient:

Atheism is heresy, but heresy isn't atheism.

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