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February 18, 2011



Very interesting observations, but I must admit it does not feel as if it is over. To be really really over, President Obama would need to look like Franklin Pierce in 1855--not even going to be renominated by his own party. (Many Obama supporters I know are convinced that, if he can get unemployment below 8%, President Obama can coast to reelection.) Of course, Franklin Pierce bided his dwindling time as a one term president reducing the natioanl debt by 60%. Perhpas we will see a reverse-Pierce.

Mr. P

With all due respect I can't agree, Crackie. People are sometimes smarter than they look. And most people can see a man who praises the protesters in other countries, while dismissing those in his own country "teabaggers". The people, as a general rule, don't like being dismissed. And it's one of the great aspects of the Tea Party that they really don't have a leader; there is no face Obama and his press corps can attack. So when they do attack they are attacking the people directly. Yeah, everyone should have seen what he was with his "bitter clinger" and "spread the wealth" comments, bur now we know better. His election was the result of very special circumstances that cannot be replicated. Besides, he has not come through on his major promises (closing Gitmo, withdrawal, etc.) and has even had to turn to the once vilified General Petraeus to conduct the war he promised to end.

Also, never forget how many of the people have lost their retirements. We can't forget that because we're among them. Folks have lost the padding against fate that money provides; the vacations, the right schools, etc. So many people have lost so many privileges they once took for granted--and Liberalism sounds a lot better when you have something to feel guilty about.

All my life Liberals have been screaming about how we're going to run out of water, or air, or oil, or land. In the end, due to them, we're just going to run out of money.


Mr. P (and ODT), I am in the position of wanting to agree with you. I agree with everything you say about what has happened--people lost their savings, and the worst driver of this was the set of liberal policies (statues, regs and Fannie/Freddie)that forced and enticed financial instututions to do mass qualntities of subprime lending. The banks made money following these directives, and eventually tanked the market. But the media put 100% of the blame for this with Bush, and it is not clear to me that enough people will understand what happened and why to turn the tide. The topic at hand is who will win the presidential election of 2012--I feel strongly that, for the resons you state, Republicans will control both houses of Congress in 2013. But whoever is nominated by the Republicans will become one of the most demonized people in US history. In my opinion, it will be a close run thing, and, accordingly, I must respectfully dissent from the "Obama is over" view. Did I mention that I hope I'm wrong?

Mr. P

As a Jewish friend of mine used to say, "From your lips to God's ear".

Living where you live and working where you work it's probably hard to believe anyone thinks Obama is anything but perfect. Out this-a-way I find more diversity of opinion. And I do think (not know, just wishfully think) that the demonization machine going into high gear is just going to snap back in their faces. A mixed metaphor, but you get what I'm driving at. Witness Wisconsin and how every move on the Left is from the old tried and true playbook. Hey, look! The republican is being called Hitler! The talking point: Working families under assault. Those poor union folks like the one who told me on the train last week that I could make 100 grand as a bus driver ("and not even have a college education, isn't that great?"). That sort of stuff plays well when your audience has nice little nest eggs all tucked away for braces and college and retirement. Not so well when it looks like I'm going to be working till the day I die and that death will probably come via a bullet to the back of the head in an open field, delivered care of a Healthcare Commissar who has deemed me no longer viable as an economic unit and therefore a burden to the Glorious State.

You hope you're wrong. I hope I'm wrong, too (about that commissar). But I do hope I'm right about the rest of it.


Mr. P, we have to stop cheering each other up this way. More such cheering up and we are undone.

Old Dominion Tory

Gents (and all): Will Barack Obama be reelected in 2012? There is a good chance that the answer is "Yes." Ousting a sitting President, even one who is damaged politically, is no easy task. Just ask the ghost of Ted Kennedy now haunting the Senate cloakrooms.
Barack Obama & Company apparently aren't willing to take that chance, however. They have, therefore, decided to begin the Second Campaign.
In a way, it is hardly surprising. The first duty of a politician is to attend to his or her reelection, and Obama & Co. are politicians, first and foremost.
However, I think there is a little more to it. I think there is in all this a desire to recapture that "lightning in a bottle" moment that existed between the 2004 Democratic National Convention and Inauguaration Day 2009. It must have been a magical time for them. How exhilirating it must have been to accompany a shallow, self-absorbed machine pol as he rode a wave of baseless adulation from the press and commentariat to the highest office in the land. Gaffes were forgiven, concerns about long-term relationships with dodgy people were overwhelmed by the weakest platitudes, the Democratic Establishment and its favored candidate were brought to heel, the Republicans were derided and then defeated. Nothing could go wrong.
Moreover, there were none of the onerous responsibilities of governing with which to attend. No need to fight a war, write a budget, fight for legislation. Just lay back, let the press do the job it most enthusiastically tucked into, and coast into office amid talk of a new Liberal Ascendancy that would last for decades. It was all cloudless glory.


Your fuckin stupid

S. Petersen

March 4: Did you give up blogging for the 'gesismas? I miss your thoughts and wit.

Mrs. P

Thank you S. Peterson.

No, I have not given it up blogging. Just taking a break to hone some cooking (and writing) skills. I shall return soon to have more fun. Until then...

Socorro Sultan

let's just do what is the best. it's for us anyway


Great Sultan, Indeed yes. But then we must consider: what is best in life?
"To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women."

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