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May 31, 2011


S. Petersen

Sowell's great, which made me all the more surprised that he had fallen for the canard of the Black Legend: the idea that the 16th and 17th Spaniards were tyranical exploiters of Rousseauesque indigenous civilizations.
Sowell says the Conquistadores made the Aztecs (we'll say) poorer by conquering them. While it is true that the government, such as it was, of the Aztecs was made up of some thousands of wealthy persons, that wealth was based on the tribute and slavery of every other American that the government could reach by means of its vicious warriors. Even rounded up on collective farms, the bulk of the natives did better than under the satanically violent regime of the governments which the Spaniards destroyed.
I realize, of course, this is a complex issue [e. g., the introduction of European diseases], but Sowell's statement or implication that, overall, the Americans were economically better off under the "Sun Kingdom" rulers than under the Spanish is utterly untenable.

mario mandingo

The NAACP (CCCP?) loves Afro American kids so much it wants them to fail!


It doesn't get any stranger than this in NYC.

Mrs. P

S. Peterson, I think I do overall agree with you. Sowell touched on it so lightly that I'd like to hear his thoughts/explanation/examples some more.

Mario-- what has been done to generations now of African American inner city children by African American race hustlers and White Liberals is one of the greatest crimes as well as tragedies of our day. I once talked with Bill Bennett about this and he said something so simple not a direct quote -- he said the whole country knows what happens to people when they can't read - what kind of life they will have. We all know this. He told me -about 4 years ago- that the illiteracy rate across the country of 3rd grade African American children was about 65%.

Laura Bush was promoting literacy for all children. The highly-educated Michelle Obama is not focused on education but allocating school funds for education as well as from the food stamps program to put more Union workers in the school cafeterias so children can *learn to eat correctly* as that will make us a healthier nation which will keep healthcare costs down.

Add this to the 69% abortion rate of African American children in NYC and nothing from the first Black President on this and we are seeing the ultimate irony of this historic presidency. As well as the continuation of a national tragedy.

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