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May 25, 2011



Aww, c'mon. Give the prez at least one prop. In his speech to AIPAC, he warned that the sand people "were birthin too many babies." That's exactly the kind of thing you'd seem to enjoy.

I grew up in D.C. when Reagan was president and everyone in town was talking about his frightening "forgetfulness" as early as 1982. If Obama can't remember dates and continues to savagely undermine the working and middle classes as he has been, maybe he really is Reagan revisited upon us.


Not incidentally:

The woman protesting in the video of your great and glorious leader Bibi was physically assaulted by AIPAC members standing in the balcony near her. Yeah. And they put her in the hospital.

But, y'know hey, never let a little physical violence get in the way of good snarky fun for people whose moral compass barely rises above that of a jackbooted thugs although the viciousness is served with a false soucaint of civility.


Sorry, Bibi, what was that? "free societies...protests...farcical parliaments." Uhm. Ehr. Awkward. In true Orwellian fashion, they now lie to you while it's actually happening.

And in honor of navel-gazing willfully ignorant bigots who reflexively repeat the lies without question, this is what your brand of pablum peterimum looks like when it's caught on film:


You gotta make this more challenging, Mrs. P. It's like shooting fish in a barrell.


Sorry, can't help myself. You got me all nostalgic.

Fun Reagan moments:

Rep. Lee Hamilton on Reagan's only contribution to discussion of the MX missile "throughout the entire hour and a half was to interrupt somewhere at midpoint to tell us he'd watched a movie the night before, and he gave us the plot from WarGames, the movie. That was his only contribution."

Jim Cannon (an aide to Howard Baker) on Reagan staffers telling "stories about how inattentive and inept the President was.... They said he wouldn't come to work – all he wanted to do was to watch movies and television at the residence."

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, "Poor dear, there's nothing between his ears."

Columnist David Broder "The task of watering the arid desert between Reagan's ears is a challenging one for his aides."

Who doesn't remember this laugh riot:

"We did not – repeat, did not – trade weapons or anything else for hostages, nor will we," Reagan proclaimed in November 1986. Four months later, on March 4, 1987, Reagan admitted in a televised national address, "A few months ago, I told the American people I did not trade arms for hostages. My heart and my best intentions still tell me that's true, but the facts and the evidence tell me it is not."

Shouldn't that be "Speed it up, MR. PRESIDENT"?


Heck of a job Brownie!


This was fun (but I am sorry I do know how you hate a tacky negro armpit - no one really dresses right for a natural disaster anymore).


George W. regrets he did it his way (oops, only a few hundred thousand more would die).


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You know CheseJake, I too would have felt better about President Reagan if he had visited all 57 states in America.

Pink Flamingo

JeezJake, your pal 0bama is far more prolific and moronic in his blunders and he doesn't have any excuses since he is the alleged 'smartest man ever'.

Why don't you spend your time polishing up his turds?

Madame DeFarge

As usual with the O'Bots and O'Trolls, they offer surface half truths as absolute fact and then offer CNN as a back-up! I would not believe an O'Troll any more than I'd believe any other American-hater. I do appreciate the links though. Good to know so many anti-semites are lined up in the USA to try to destroy Israel.

So a Code Pink Communist was not welcome to disrupt a speech at AIPAC? I'm shocked. Let's see the bruises. BTW, assault is what happened to the female reporter in Egypt who was raped by the gangster, neanderthal Muslim men. I'm not shocked, however, that Obamacrats relate to them as "brothers" rather than the barbarians they are. Sorry "Bro", we're not going back to the 3rd Century. You're welcome to reside there all on your lonesome. Just as the Pali's want to drive the Jews into the sea and thereby inherit their labor of the past 60 years, the Obamacrats would just love it if we'd roll over and gift them with the fruits of our labors by all that redistributin'. Not going to happen, Pal. I've worked since I was 17 years old; raised a family without welfare and lived a decent life and if you think I'm going to willingly gift the lazy Muslims...well, that's why the current batch of politicians are going to be thrown out on their keisters in 2012. BooBoo is at the top of the list followed by HRC.

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It does seem as though people who have brushes with death change their behavior in significant ways. Really truth.

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