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June 04, 2011


Old Dominion Tory

"Hot Dog: The Regular Fellows Monthly". Might have to try to bring that one back as a going concern.


That magazine is brilliant.


Jack Dinsmore was the man.


George Pal

On the level.

In Mrs. Arabella Dingleberry’s Advice To The Lovelorn column in Hot Dog January ’22 Issue, a letter:

Dear Mrs. Dingleberry,

My husband comes home every night and never goes out for a minute. Whad’ya think?
Mrs. Junck

Old Dominion Tory

Dear Mrs. Junck:
How good of a cook are you? In my experience, if your man is happy with the vittles you're serving up, then he won't have any inclination to go out after dinner. He'll be content to sit in his easy chair by the Victrola and read the evening newsrags. You'll know he really loves your cooking if he routinely asks about the next morning's breakfast with a dreamy look in his eye.
It is a well-known fact that since Prohibition closed down many neighborhood saloons, men have fewer places to go after work. Blind pigs or speak easies can be rough places filled with surly men and low women. Perhaps your hubby is of the timid sort and can't summon up the gumption to visit one. It could be, too, that he's used to a high-brow type of hootch, and the green beer they serve at the local blind pigs are not to his taste.
This new-fangled wireless radio keeps a lot of men in, too. They'll sit there for hours, listening to static, hoping to hear President Harding make a speech. But, it's the wonder of the era and they can't get enough of it.
Of course, it could that you're treating him right in the ol' va-va-voom department. If your hubby is happy insofar as Cupid is concerned, then he won't be thinking of the Zeigfeld girls or the serving girls at Zeigfeld's Department store. He'll just think, "Ooocha-magoocha, my wife is the cat's whiskers!" and give those co-eds a miss.
Whatever you're doing, honey, keep it up. We didn't fight the Great War to let loose European morals put down roots here in America.

Old Dominion Tory

Prior to America's entry into World War I, it was known as "Hamburger: Tasty Fare for the Average Guy," and the editor's name was Johaan Deitzmer.
As things Teutonic quickly lost their appeal, Johaan Deitzmer became the more reliably loyal "Jack Dinsmore." Alas, the new title, "Salisbury Steak: All- American Fare for the Patriotic American Man" didn't catch on.
A trip to a Boston ballpark for a game between teams of the Fore River Shipyard and Charlestown Navy Yard solved the problem. As Dinsmore saw his fellow fans--regular fellows to the man!--gobble down hot dogs topped with "Liberty cabbage," he knew he had a winning title.

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