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June 30, 2011



So what do you think Halperin was up to? This is no slip of the tongue or errant open mic. He knew exactly what he was doing - surely he must have known what the consequences would be?

Mrs. P

I agree with you. This was no Peggy Noonan open mic moment. Halperin was assured by both hosts they would use the 7 second delay. He trusted them. Then they botched the delay.


Shock perhaps? Who knows. They guys in the both should be technologically competent to handle a delay and delete.

This showed that Halperin is not time savvy -pun so totally intended. This was not a smooth move from the getgo - asking if "we're using a delay, right?" The audience would know - even if they hadn't botched the delay he had said something delete worthy? And why did he do that?

Send the White House a message? Possibly. But the White House has since sent a larger message to the press - Halperin has been suspended indefinitely.

It was botched. And Halperin immediately apologized and he's out faster than Anthony Weiner.

This is going to get more and more interesting...


I do so enjoy your posts Mrs. P. although I seldom have time to comment. Butt the Spotted Dick - brilliant! Once again the Brits come through: an all-purpose dessert and social commentary in a can.

The uncanny (pun so totally intended) Spotted Dick has actually served as a running joke, and frequent Christmas present, for a very good friend of mine for years. Once we even ate it, following the directions on the can. It's actually quite tasty! For a pudding that comes in a can that is.

Got to run. So much to do, butt just thought you'd want to know.
Keep up the good work.

Mrs. P

Thanks MOTUS. Right back at you with knobs on!

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