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June 10, 2011



Mrs. P,
Absolutely perfect. All we need is for Rep. Weiner to mention a belief in the sacred monkeys of the Vatican.
All this makes me feel so....I don't know, low-funtioning, I guess, to realize that with all the messages I send out every day, I never wanted to do this with a text or email: "At times, as human beings, we want to attach the body to the feelings, as well."

George Pal

Nice Mrs. P., especially the reference to Rex Mottram. Rex was absolutely the modern man, well one of two models - the other being more inclined to attempt to make his mark in the world of entertainment like... well like Mr. Baldwin.

Old Dominion Tory

I hope that this entire affair hastens the death of the bizarre notion, born during the Clinton Impeachment, that the personal life and professional life can be conducted seperately. Operating under this notion, people now routinely assert that, for example, a philanderer who routinely betrays his marriage can be trusted to behave impeccably in all other matters.
Anthony Weiner has done us the great service of showing that the reverse of the medal--that just because someone is nasty his or her professional/public life doesn't mean he or she is equally nasty in his or her private life--is a fallacy as well.

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