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October 26, 2011


S. Petersen

Mitt's a mess.
Do you think any of the ones currently "debating" are both desirable and electable?

Mrs. P

I guess that would have to depend upon your definition of debating and electable. For once I'm not joking.

I like what Conrad Black wrote last June -before Perry got in the race -

"In 1968, the last election in which America faced challenges as great as these (and they were not so self-inflicted), at one time or another Lyndon Johnson, Robert Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, Nelson Rockefeller, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan were all running for president. All were controversial, but all were substantial political leaders. The United States is so fundamentally strong and responsive to leadership that it does not now require a Lincoln or Roosevelt (of either party), though such leaders are always welcome. The office is certainly seeking the man (i.e., a suitable occupant). Someone will win the Republican primaries and the nomination, and that person could be the one."

Substantial. That is what I'm looking for. Cain is getting traction because for a few weeks he's been offering substance (999). If you look at the polling numbers -the good news is the voters are looking for substance. They were sold a bill of goods last time around and it looks like this time they want more evidence of substance. Voting present 140 times wouldn't cut it in this atmosphere.

Whoever wins the Republican nomination will have to give the voters a reason to vote for them other than "I'm-not-Obama" otherwise we've got Obama 4 more years. They may not like him much but they need the classic advertising message of what's-in-it-for-them to vote against him.

Did you know that Mitt Romney once drove from Massachusetts to Montreal with the family dog on the roof of the car?

He's Clark Griswold....


Mrs P, notwithstanding the source, you will appreciate this description of Mitt:


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