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October 11, 2011



Just came back from a visit to a very tiny demonstration. The Occupy Wall Street folks were to have gathered at 59th Street and Fifth Avenue at 12:30 PM today. Some were then going to go visit the homes of some rich supporters of Persident Obama (like the head of JPMorgan Chase) to complain about taxes being too low. I hung around the spot of this "gathering" for about half an hour. Onlookers and media outnumbered the demonstrators--I would say there were below 200 people participating. Beautiful sunny day, lunchtime gathering hour, central loaction (they don't call it Central Park for nothing)--and these folks could not produce a turn out that was 1/10th the size of the Tea Party rally I participated in last year. (The April; 2010 Manhattan Tea Party was not mentioned (in advance or afterwards) on The New York Times, but was much larger. Maybe it was because of the Tea Party's better loaction (32nd Street and Eigth Avenue) or its easier time of day 6:30 PM. Maybe it was the woman of a certain age he tried to lead the crow in a chat while topless (it sounded as if she was saying "Tits for entertainment, not for protest", but her voice did not carry well. Lots of "We are the 99 Percent" chants.
The media will keep promoting this OWS bunch, but the Left is in big trouble if this is the best they can muster on their home turf after a month of hype.

Mrs. P

"Tits for entertainment, not for protest" makes little sense.She is a progressive. Name one progressive protest in the last 40 years that has not had women's breasts on full display? You can't. Public nudity (and coupling) is how progressives get fellow progressives to show up. Their body parts are for protest. This one of the reasons why they are better than us. She had to be saying "Tits for entertainment not for house guests."

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