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November 01, 2011



Is "life's partner" simply the Gray Lady's little linguistic tic or was the relationship between Steve and Laurene, um, free-lance?

Just curious.

Mrs. P

They were married. Happily - from all reports for a long time. This is how his sister kept referring to her in the eulogy. She's a novelist English or writing prof in CA so it comes with territory.


Good. Good. That explains it.

The Ancient

I'd like to think that Jobs didn't have that in the can waiting for a final exit, but I wonder.

P.S. Mrs P --

In case you missed this:


I hope the Cardinal-in-Waiting keeps on talking about the inadequacy of bishops.

Mrs. P

By the in the can, do you mean belief in God, afterlife, etal?

His wife might know.

But for us, all we can do is look at his life. Jobs firmly believed he was a full blown liberal. Yet everyone knows - except those at Occupy Wall Street who use his products - understand he was a full blown capitalist that didn't even allow his employees to make charitable donations.

He was a man like every other man, full of inherent inconsistencies. I find it plausible that the God of the Bible did not exist for him until his final hours.

Thanks for the link - I had missed it and now must read it.

The Ancient

No, I don't think he believed in God. His narcissism didn't leave room for that. But I think he hoped that there was some Buddhist-style continuity of being -- somehow -- so he wouldn't be entirely extinguished.

For Jobs, "taste" was everything, and I very much doubt that any sort of faith -- as you or I might use the word -- would be consistent that.

Mrs. P

Again I agree completely.

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