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November 28, 2011


S. Petersen

I'm not generally too wild about bloggers' personal reminisces, but yours was charming, historically and culturally relevant and well written. I enjoyed every word. I envy you (in an acceptably Catholic way) your experience and your ability to make a decent story out of it. I think there's even a bit of germinal plot in it. Very good. Thanks.


Thank you for sharing!

Mrs. P

Thank you so very much! Really and sincerely.

The Ancient

I remember sitting outside with Ben Thompson and half a dozen other people about six years before. It had been a long, long night, and everyone was a bit overserved. But the place was jammed, noisy, and it was everything that Thompson had once dreamed about a decade before. And Ben -- God bless him -- raised his glass and said, "What this place needs is another bar!"

Mrs. P


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