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November 09, 2011


S. Petersen

Good post, Thanks.
An important and relevant assemblage of facts.
Here's a response I received from a friend of mind to a rant about some other awful thing about our government:

"Democracy is a failed experiment, because it does not account sufficiently for fallen human nature. The Founders were full of Enlightenment nonsense about the inherent goodness and perfectibility of man (ala' Rousseau). They thought that men could govern themselves, because they were capable of "civic virtue," a kind of pagan selflessness that put the good of the group about individual interests. Although this is possible in isolated cases, in the long run selfishness triumphs. Democratically elected politicians, beholden to the people for their offices, cannot impose necessary measures to save us from our own selfishness, so they give everybody everything they want--until the whole house of cards falls. The rest of the world (most of the West at least) adopted our flawed model. We have all been living off our Christian patrimony for about 235 years, but it's just about depleted.

"Apres moi, le deluge."

Our hope [can and should be only]
... in the Lord.

Mrs. P

Isn't this in someways close to de Tocqueville's conclusion?

The remarkable thing is that in Spring '08 Pope Benedict XVI made his Apostolic visit to America. His message was Christ Our Hope.


7 months later we elected a guy with a Messiah complex promising to be our hope. We got what we deserved. This is a failure of biblical proportions.

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