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April 03, 2012


The Ancient

If they just swapped clothes, she'd look better and he would totally own the Ziggy Stardust vote.


Ah, mention of Babs reminds me of one of my very favorite FLOTUS moments:

I was watching NBC's coverage of GHWB's inaugural parade. They had Willard Scott down on the street, and as Babs walked by (on the other side of Penn Ave.), he yelled at her, something like, "Hey, Babs! We love ya!"

Well, Babs evidently heard Willard, because she suddenly tacked hard to the right, marched right up to him and planted a big kiss on his cheek. Right in front of the camera.

Willard was ab-so-LUTE-ly dumbfounded. He could do no more than turn to the camera in silence, wearing one of the dopiest grins it has ever been my privilege to see on teevee.

Good times. Good times.

Mrs. P

Ancient, I had to google up Ziggy Stardust - to learn it is considered the gayest album of all time. If this is true, then no Mitt won't have the Ziggy Stardust vote. Why? Easy. Last week the former White House adviser Van Jones said Obama could come out of the closet (finally) and still keep the Black vote. Many saw that as taking the Black vote for granted but they shouldn't have --it was sound political strategy except it was wrong from the point of thinking Obama still has the Black vote. To think he might not, go back to the Prop 8 vote in California and the fact how it was the Mormons and the Black Churches shot that thing down. Blacks and Mormons have a lot of common ground. O needs to come out of the closet to maintain the Left vote. His not supporting DOMA plus the real wealth destruction of the Middle Class Blacks during his presidency - think of the government worker who told Obama how she and her husband were returning to beans and hot dogs of their early married days during his presidency and asked is this her new reality? Yup. She lost her government gig within a week.

Oh today is the day Detroit hands in its feed bag and life and public schools educations for inner city Blacks have only worsen - in Detroit last week about 50 inner city youths were suspended from school for protesting FOR AN EDUCATION -- has really harmed his re-election chances with Blacks. So if O comes out of the closet - he'll definitely carry California, New York, Ann Arbor and Provincetown.

He needs all of those to hope to not have a 1972 repeat....

Mrs. P

Robbo, I loved it when she said in an interview - Oh I love it when Algore demogogues.

The Beltway was horrified. Couldn't believe she suggested Algore demogogues.

Wonder if she knew he was a sex crazed poodle too?

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