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April 19, 2012


Old Dominion Tory

Excellent post, Mr. Peperium. Thank you for it.

George Pal

Noted the recent discussions on 'stand your ground' laws and now your post recalls Captain Parker and I am now happily twice reminded of the Line of the Minutemen:

April 19, 1775

Stand your ground.
Don't fire unless fired upon.
But if they mean to have a war let it begin here.
- Captain Parker

Mr. P

Thank you both. I have to explain that sometimes several days go by before I even reach our computer room so the delay was not due to lack of interest or feedback.

First, thank you ODT. I knew you'd appreciate this.

As far as "Stand Your Ground" laws and the recent controversy, what we're hearing from the Left is no different than their stance (though "stance" is probably too strong a word for them) vis a vis the Soviet Union or Islam. With the notable exception of certain groups (like the Soviet Union and Islam), no one has the right to take a stand, to say this far and no farther. The Soviets were aggressive because we ringed them around with alliances and bases. Islam hit us because of the Crusades. But as for the rest of you...

In the case of April 19th, 1775, we have a militia turning out to make a show of force (according to his own words, brave as they are, Captain Parker would have let the redcoats pass on by if no one had fired) and a detachment of King's men who were, as everything I have read indicates, ill disciplined. The men of 1756-1763 were long gone from the ranks and in their place were young men who had never smelled powder. The colonists had probably the faintest rudiments of drill--though some British officers were amazed to see colonial formations firing volleys on the road back to Boston later that day. Nervous and new to war, both sides found themselves in a "stand your ground" situation.

The moment someone fired--I believe that, flintlocks being what they were, it was an accidental discharge--a threat was perceived by both sides and the principle of "stand your ground" kicked in. It's a situation many moderns can't sympathize with. Why turn out on the green if you were just going to let them by? Why not just give peace a chance? Of course the answer is bound up with the idea and ideals of honor, manhood and self-respect.

I know this is garbled...we've got to get on the road and do our Saturday errands...be back later.

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