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April 16, 2012


Old Dominion Tory

Two tests could have been applied:

1. George C. Marshall Test: If you cannot picture George C. Marshall doing it, do not do it.

2. Toga Test: If you can picture yourself wearing a toga a la Animal House and doing whatever it is you are contemplating doing, do not do it.

big spaniel

Regret that I must disagree with Mrs. P. somewhat. Like any other person on a business trip, your nights are your own, unless you have some kind of function (which happens more often than not in this line of work), and as long as Hillary paid her own bar tab, she is entitled to do what she wants. I can attest that people in her position work extremely long hours and endure long and grueling traveling schedules. When they're in the air, they're pouring over their massive briefing books. They are constantly "on" and it is extremely tiring. If they need to build in some time for rest or exercise or diversion, that's fine, as long as they have some substance on their schedule (which is not always the case....).

I am of two minds about her choice of late-night activities. In Colombia, everybody dances. Everybody. I was there for two years, and salsa is ubiquitous (I'll bring my Joe Arroyo collection next time I drop by). The fact that Hillary was dancing in Colombia was probably quite well received. On the other hand, looking at her picture......well, she's not Colombiana, that's for sure. She doesn't look particularly dignified. And it's going to look much worse at home.

Also, Cartagena is a really lovely city. The Hotel Caribe is very nice. I had the good sense to go their with my wife.



Decorum is never out-of-date.

Mrs. P

big spaniel - how the heck are you??

I understand completely what you are saying and if you look at TMI's comments, there is an expectation among the populace of decorum from our leaders. Wasn't this one of the unique selling features of Obama? He had the presidential temperament as opposed to McCain?

Hillary has to have one of the most carefully groomed public reputations in all of D.C. We all know she's a tough cookie, so to speak. Fun is **never** a word anyone would use to describe her. She was, until these photos came out, considered the smartest women in the world. On top of that, she's pure Ivy League.

If she had been dancing with Bill her stock would've soared through the roof. But she's not and, more ironically, she pays for it. With these photos she's managed to bring herself right down to the grandma at Chi-Chi's who had 4 too many frozen strawberry daquiris.

These photos are not a shock - they are a laugh riot -roll on the floor time- Hillary, like Martha Stewart never been able to live up to her carefully constructed social construct.

Then there's the whole dog eating by Obama as his team is trying to score points off off Romney putting his dog on top of the car. Can it get any better than this? These are all Ivy League people. I just wish Auberon Waugh was alive to make fun of it all.

big spaniel

Always lovely to stop by.

I think that TMI's use of the word "decorum" is quite apt, Hillary looks pretty bad in these pictures. If she was on the other side, we would certainly have seen a lot more of them.

In our politics candidates seem obligated to stop by the neighborhood bad for a shot and a beer (I remember both Hillary and Obama both doing so last time out) or the obligatory visit to some Polish community hall in Warren, Michigan to be seen with The People. Perhaps Hillary's clubbing should be looked at in that vein. Which is fine. And while you're certainly welcome to lampoon her I'm not going to criticize her for what he does in her free time.

It is our side that frankly should be the least eager to criticize people in their private lives. It is of course the Totalitarian Left that demands homogeneity in thought and deed. They are the ones that want to enforce their will on every aspect of our lives, what he eat, how we get around, what we watch on TV, disapproving of every little action that does not fit into their own world view. We are the ones who should respect real freedom, real diversity of thought and being, real respect for choice, all of which is anathema to the Left.

I liked it better when one's public life and one's private life were to different things.

So, if Hillary wants to dance, let her dance. After all, it was Emma Goldman who said "If I can't dance it's not my revolution"

(I don't really know why I'm quoting Emma Goldman, except that in my college years she seemed to be quite popular, although it's not quite clear what Emma Goldman did, if anything at all. But she looked good on a t-shirt and a button.)

Mrs. P

Big spaniel -- I see your point and fair enough. If we look to England we do see a Royal family that has had the good sense (by order of Queen) to not be caught partying and whatnot while the country suffers economically. The SS scandal on the same trip isn't helping matters.

I was shocked -honestly- not by photos of Hillary dancing or drinking out of a long neck but the eyes wide shut photo. That photo is just hysterical. It is when you see a photo like that Hillary really is just like every other SoS - she puts her trousers on one leg at a time.

I had to google up Emma Goldman and was bracing myself in case she was one of Mr. P's dates during college...Thankfully no. But I bet he did date girls who wore her on a t-shirt and you would know this, wouldn't you.....so were Mr. P's college nights his own and do big spaniels bark decades later?

Just kidding. Let sleeping dogs lie....

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