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April 30, 2012



What's the difference between obama and a purebred dog?

The dog has his papers and knows who his father is!

S. Petersen

You're right, he IS creepy. But I'm not sure I get it. He's intentionally alluding to his autobio?

The Ancient

Earlier today, even Sean Hannity's More Popular Lead-In gave Obama a "Patriot Award" for that joke.

Just saying.

Mrs. P

A. Men - hahahahahaha

S.Peterson, Obama is a very simple man - he does no wrong and if even if he did he knows he's not going to be held accountable for it anyway. With this pit bull he merely doubled down on his dog eating and the press corps ate it up. "Yeah I ate dog but I'm not Sarah Palin" is his message. His lame set up was "...even Sarah Palin is getting back in the game" One of the Left's main complaint about Sarah is that she never went away...so the joke was contrived to begin with and it only went downhill from there.

Ancient, just the other day I read online that there are 20 million married couple in the U.S. who have sex less than 10 times a year. Clearly Obama, his staff and Sean Hannity or whoever awarded O a patriot award - what is that by the way? - must fall into this demographic because let's parce the actual joke:

"What's the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom?"

"A pit bull tastes delicious."

Obama's joke is Hockey Moms are not delicious - as in eating....

The implications of eating Hockey Moms goes to a place that isn't very presidential as it brings up either cannibalism or eroticism. That Obama himself and his staff is this tone deaf is breath taking.

At least his wife isn't.

Also what's Obama's problem with Hockey Moms? Why would he ever slam them? Hockey Moms are involved mothers taking their kids lives very seriously and "Let's Moving" them across the ice.

Michelle would like hockey moms if her "Let's move" is really real and not just an opportunity to pour in more SEIU workers into public schoola.

There was no benefit to the joke other than making Obama look good slamming Sarah Palin and slamming ALL Hockey Moms.

Oh and to make it personal, as the proud owner of a pit bull mix rescued from a dumpster in Detroit 2 weeks from death by starvation, she is a loving member of our family, not what's for dinner.

I'm sure other owners of rescued pit bulls feel the same. They are wonderful dogs. Petey from the Little Rascals is the most famous pit bull. Did they ever consider eating him?

And one more thing, just last week I was taken very nicely to task by a very longtime friend for making fun of drunk photos of our Secretary of State. But I was a mere piker to what Hillary's boss Obama said about her : "She won't stop drunk texting me from Cartegana."

Nice. Really nice.

Now if it were a Republican president who made these 2 jokes the Dems would be screaming "War on Women". I'm not screaming it because Obama is merely the type of guy who uses deprecating humor. He's a very insecure man who feels better by putting everyone down around him - think of the cracks he makes about his own wife...or letting us know when his daughter's grades are up to his snuff...


When you embed video, could you look at the code and change "width" from 450, or whatever the default width is, to 350?

That will help you keep the entire video visible.

The Ancient

Mrs P --

Sometimes a joke is just a joke -- and really doesn't bear a close look-see. (I don't have to like Obama to laugh at his jokes, many of which have that tincture of malice that you correctly note. But the *delivery* of this one -- even with the bogus self-deprecation -- was great.)

The Patriot Award is apparently something O'Reilly hands out -- along with his Pinhead Awards. (I know this only because I wanted to see Hannity's interview with Jose Rodriguez, and inadvertently caught the end of O'Reilly's show.)

P.S. " ... there are 20 million married couple in the U.S. who have sex less than 10 times a year."

Let's just hope they're all Protestants.

Mrs. P

TMI, thanks - the day I did this post I was running against the clock and posted in haste. Will do that in future.

Ancient, yes, a joke is a joke. Obama is president after all.

But Obama is president. And if the Military is required to respect the office, it's not asking too much that he try to too.

A lot of Military *soldiers* as well as Military wives are Hockey Moms...

The Ancient

"A lot of Military *soldiers* as well as Military wives are Hockey Moms..."

Very puckish, Mrs. P., very puckish.

(Personally, I gave up on hockey the morning after I saw Robert Mitchum in "The Friends of Eddie Coyle" -- still the best movie on what Boston used to look like before money changed everything.)

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