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May 10, 2012


The Ancient

Once upon a time, I knew most of the Jesuits at GU.

Few of them struck me as particularly devout.

P.S. Go fetch FLG. He's on record about the author of the letter ...

Mrs. P

I've only met one - the late Father Hardon.

Actually I've always liked the Jesuits because they were the reason I got to study art. When in high school they selected some pieces (unknown to me) to appear in one of the shows at their Jesuit University. They sent my parents invitations to attend the art show - still have my mother's invite. Because of that show I was allowed to attend art school. Though it must be said those Jesuits and I never discussed theology...

The Ancient


Mrs. P

Hot Damn! I love Cardinal Wuerl!

The Ancient


(It's odd to live here, and had the life I've had, and no longer subscribe to The Post. But I don't, and this reminds me why.)

Mrs. P

Ancient, http://www.firstthings.com/onthesquare/2012/05/ldquofor-the-salvation-of-soulsrdquo

More to come on this.

How about that Kenyan thingummy?

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Ancient, you think its odd to live where you live? You should come for a while to see where I live.. I promise you a strabf=ge exprience.. specially these days.

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