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May 04, 2012


George Pal

Once again, in the spirit of the post; a pile on.

“America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles of justice and progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”

"Eau Claire is a big important state."

"There's a lot of -- I don't know what the term is in Austrian, wheeling and dealing."

"I'm always worried about using the word 'victory,' because, you know, it invokes this notion of Emperor Hirohito coming down and signing a surrender"

"I could have calibrated those words differently"


Now days are dragon-ridden, the nightmare
Rides upon sleep...

Dan Patterson

I am finding myself more torn and less complacent - fat dumb and happy being the precursor to a slaughtering pen, I suppose that I am in a safer place now, if less restful. The attitudes and misbelief evidenced by throngs of people is astounding, and are not demands for justice to be served so much as evidence of laziness, greed, envy, and jealousy. Nightmares ride upon sleep, to be sure, and they are fueled by the human constant of concentration on what is wrong rather than the appreciation of what is good.

Someday soon adults will emerge and snatch the reins from the spoiled little brats now in the driver's seat. Until then there is still civility, honor, literature, poetry, jazz, shotguns, dogs, wine, and bourbon.

Mrs. P

Well said...

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