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May 14, 2012


George Pal

The haloed persona symbolizes well the hollowed mind; and there's no use in trying to read into a smart crisp crease any measure of intelligence. Nor is there a reason to believe Obama is stirring Christianity and coming up smelling of heresy.

Mr. President was baptized a Christian in Rev. Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ in 1988. That brief sojourn in Christianity no more makes him a Christian, (faithful or selective), than a reputable heretic; or a dabbler in heresy; or anything more than a poser.

That same year saw him set off for Harvard Law. Though attendance was duly noted, participation was not. Mr. President is as much to be relied on in matters of the Constitution as in matters Christian. Poseur à deux.

I realize Msgr. Pope is reacting as he must and thanks to him for it but I cannot restrain myself from noting what a profound charlatan this Mr. President is; every word teetering between lie and nonsense; every outlandish utterance in need of rectification; every is necessitating an is not.

A fateful year, 1988 (Mr. President completed his three year apprenticeship in Chicago community organization the same year).

Mrs. P

George - did you catch Tammy Bruce's take:

"In the midst of some complaining about Obama, the conversation naturally turned to him becoming Gay for Pay, as phrase normally used for heterosexual young male hustlers who are willing to sleep with men if the price is right. Obama’s sudden support for gay marriage, and the fundraising-mania surrounding his confession, makes the phrase unfortunately apt for the Preezy of the United Steezy.

"That said, we then wondered why Obama would really do it. We know he doesn’t give a damn about the issue, and oh sure, he’ll get a bit more cash from the left, but it really won’t even make a dent in what he wants to fund-raise or plans on spending. None of the swing-states at risk during the election were hanging by a thread on this issue (to say the least), and in fact this will likely hurt him in at least North Carolina and Virginia.

"Then it dawned on me–Obama’s internal polls must show him losing to Romney, and handily. The latest Rasmussen certainly show the Golfer-in-Chief in trouble and behind the GOP nom. He must realize it’s over and is now simply looking to establish his “legacy,” while reinforcing leftist relationships he desperately wants to keep–like with Hollywood–after we kick his ass to the curb. For an obsessed, cynical and narcissistic president like Obama, he only makes moves that serve his agenda one way or another–and the only upside to this exists out of the White House. Liberal gays will vote for him anyway, and 1 in 6 of his top bundlers have already raised $500,000+ for him. I believe he’s frantic to not have his legacy be the truth–one of disaster brought by narcissism and incompetence, he hopes this sort of story, covers like Newsweek, will be the thing that allows him to walk away at least within his liberal/leftist base as not a complete pariah."

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