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June 12, 2012


George Pal

Christo, the scion of Buckley, not the enviro artist, proves yet again there are peaks and piques in every family tree.

Even a second rate reflection would have revealed the first class temperament, in his opposition to the Born Alive Act, to be a morally objectionable candidate, and a vote for him, morally indefensible.

Then too a first rate satirist would have taken the chiliastic airy-fairyisms of the One and wondered "who the hell talks like that and who the hell votes for someone that talks like that?"

Christo snubbed the satiric muse and the muse made a satire of him. Hubris, meet Nemesis.

The Ancient

Isn't this kicking a dead horse? Buckley fils may -- possibly -- someday write a book as funny as "The White House Mess" or "Thank You for Smoking." But his opinion on any political matter is never going to sway a single voter. He's completely irrelevant. If you want to carry his father's torch, worry about young Buckley's apostasy.

Elsewhere in the world today ...

Will Rahm Emanuel become the next Scott Walker?


(Wouldn't it be great if he could PATCO them, and hire instead all those young, talented teachers who've been laid-off over the past few years to protect incompetents with seniority?)

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George Pal

I submit a dead horse may be beaten on the occasion of disabusing the delusional that it is a rara avis.

The Ancient

“I'd call him a sadistic, hippophilic necrophile, but that would be beating a dead horse.”

(from "What's Up, Tiger Lily?")

I think Bill Buckley would have *much* preferred to see Christopher endorse Obama than father a child out-of-wedlock. But life never seems to present such choices.


I was sickened by Christopher Buckley's "Losing Mum and Pup". He reveals himself as a shallow creep who actually offers to help his father commit suicide to escape a painful death from emphysema. WFB died alone and his body was metaphorically defiled by his whelp's endorsement of the worst man possible for POTUS.

Mrs. P

Katy, WFB's end of life flirtation with suicide was a philosophical one. a what if...if you will. I have that assurance from one of WFB's close (sincerely) Catholic friends of many decades.

I hope with the passing of time, Christopher has found some healing and maturity. Then what we learned about another -harsher- manuscript will never come to pass:

The book, hammered out in 40 days, was not the one that Chris Buckley intended to write. Under the working title "You're Next," it was supposed to be a yuppie reflection on loss, "my guide to parental death. But my fingers went in another direction. And bang! There you are at my mother's deathbed."

There was even more raw and personal material in the first draft, which Buckley removed at the urging of relatives. That manuscript will remain under seal at Yale until Buckley's own death.

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