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July 17, 2012


George Pal

I am perplexed. Limbaugh, Krauthammer, and Hume fail to make the obvious point that the government spent not a penny to build infrastructure, those monies having come from taxes collected from individuals – private sector, and bond issues bought by investors - private sector. Furthermore, the interest paid on those bond issues was paid by taxpayers, the private sector. The infrastructure was then built by contractors – the private sector. The eminent domain expropriations by the government were compensated for by the taxpayer - private sector.

Then, Peggy Noonan went and wrote in her most recent column on Romney vs Obama as candidates: "As for Mr. Obama, the more facts you know, the more you don't understand him..."

I'm on the verge of throwing up my hands and quitting or just plain throwing up. Is it hard being a mountain man?

Mrs. P

Hi Mountain man. Yes, it's hard, very hard, being a mountain man these days because the O campaign's ultimate goal is to alienate, discourage and dampen the spirits of mountain men, tea partiers and anyone else who knows Obama's transformation of this country goes against its founding documents. They want you to stop, to give up and throw up. That is the only way they have a chance of winning. There aren't enough dead, parking lots and golden retrievers left in Cook County to carry this election.

Now, your point about the taxes is to use Obama's favorite re-elction campaign word...fair. Perfectly fair. And if we weren't talking in soundbites, a most worthy avenue for the refutation of Obama and Warren's arguments; ie -self-governance. Then there are the present day facts of our 'self-governance - top 2% pay already nearly 90% of Federal taxes, while 45% pay absolutely zero and that 45% still get to travel daily on the roads, bridges and everything else they didn't pay a dime for. Plus they are protected by the military they didn't pay for.

Then there's the fact that raising the taxes of those who make $200,000 isn't going to do a damn thing about fixing the deficits, thanks to the spending so all Obama and Warren are advocating is throwing more good money after bad.

In the meantime, we can't ignore the REALITY that this attack on those who worked hard for their success is being promulgated by two people who LIED about who they were to get where they've gotten.

They gamed the system and then have the audacity to turn around to those who worked within the system (for the most part) and say - you didn't do this on your own.

If we want to follow down the path of illogic these 2 12 year-old composite Ivy league cheats use, then let's go there. But do you know when it's best to do that? Face-to-face. These 2 can't handle face-to-face confrontations on their composite pasts. So save that in your quiver for the debates...

Let's hope Romney and Brown will be courageous enough to do it. It was Romney who gave us Brown so maybe, just maybe we will see Brown do it first -if it works, then Romney will do it -my guess.

Until then the conservative talking heads need to hammer Obama and Warren mercilessly on the very discernible contempt, even hate revealed in their 'speak'. Listen to the 2 of them again. It's right there. They hate. And it's real hate. And this hate is what fuels their ideology. Their statist ideology.

Here's what is so awesome here. You've got Limbaugh, Krauthammer, and Hume on the same page -hitting hard and drawing blood. That is the unity we need to throw the bums out of office or in Warren's case, keep her out of office.

Dennis Miller had a great Twitter quip - Let's hope Elizabeth Warren's campaign ends up in a Indian burial ground.

Obama 'plagiarizing' Warren the other day hurt her as well as him. We've got the classic twofer from the most brilliant man to walk the earth. Whoever said he was a great politician judges politicians by the crease of their trousers as opposed to REAL accomplishments.

One last thing - don't read Peggy Noonan anymore. Menopause wasn't kind to her.

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