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April 08, 2013


George Pal

No-one whose politics is less than religion could help but admire Margaret Thatcher. What she did was of her own making, will, and perseverance. What she did was done without government or law, ramp or hoist - no set asides set aside for her. If it was difficult for a woman in a man's world, it accrues to her an even greater admiration that she made the ascent so spectacularly and made every political man lesser by contrast.

Now compare Ms. Thatcher with our own fair damsel, who, in effect, had made his way to the summit by having been carried to it in a sedan chair.

On the other hand:

"We had to learn the hard way that by agreement to what were apparently empty generalizations or vague aspirations we were later held to have committed ourselves to political structures which were contrary to our interests.”
– Lady Margaret Thatcher, “The Downing Street Years”

There is the lesson of it all, in one sentence. Though politics is compromise, everything is not political; some things may not be compromised – even in the vaguest sense; even for comity's sake.

Mrs. P

"with our own fair damsel, who, in effect, had made his way to the summit by having been carried to it in a sedan chair."

George, you are such a great writer. I can so easily see that in my mind.


And meanwhile the "Catholic" monarchy of Spain reveals its true nature:


We're moving to the direct society of sceptisism both leaders Ms. Thatcher were not a Catholic mind, morefore.
When you look through times, what's American profit from cold heart regime.

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