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April 17, 2013


George Pal

The depths of our descent may be calculated as inverse to the heights of their (Ayers, Dohrn, Obama, et al.) ascent. You may know them - members of a death cult - by the pretense that is their putatively political conviction, distilled – Hobsbawm's* Law – If it saves but one life it's worth the death of millions

THE DAILY BEAST: All things considered, would you do it again the same way with the Weather Underground?
BA: I couldn’t be happier or prouder of that.

*Eric Habsbawm – British Marxist historian, apologist, and historical amnesiac (historical amnesia may be to Marxists as short stature is to pygmies) – was asked by Michael Ignatieff, (Harvard academic and Canadian politician) whether he (EH) would still have his socialist society just as he would have it if the cost of it was 20 million dead.** Eric the Red simply answered, yes.

**Thousand Year Reichs start at 10 million dead. Low end Utopias start at 20 million. Obama strikes me as upper end carriage trade.

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