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November 13, 2013


George Pal

Indeed, the cad's playbook; right out of The Cad's Delight – Louche Approaches For Great Expectations. First page following the lubricious intro:

The Tomorrow Gambit
Barter an earnest promise of tomorrow for an assignation tonight.
FOQ (Favourable Outcome Quotient) – 4 of 5 (for the inveterate practitioner)

Is it in women's genetic makeup to ignore completely what their mothers had told them? Or am I so deeply preserved in prehistoric amber that I haven't yet realized it.

I doubt there's a poitical sea change coming in women's attitudes. We have now, I believe, several generations of sexually liberated, but materially and emotionally dependent women. "I care", I feel your pain", in lieu of a promise seems to work just fine on melodrama queens who believe 'no' the equivalent of an assault.

And nothing with Obama in it can be left unremarked no matter how I try.
Judged “not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” is mocked by the very presence of Barack Obama in high places.

George Pal



I may have to rethink my attitude re religious fanatics from the 7th Century. Even on a third consideration they seem saner than 'differently sane' America.

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